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A masterclass with Canadian author, Kate Pullinger on writing for the digital era.

Kate Pullinger is a novelist who for many years has also worked in digital media. Her on-going digital novel in episodes, Inanimate Alice, is a multilingual work that has gained thousands of readers and educators around the world. Kate has also created, with Neil Bartlett, Letter to an Unknown Soldier, collected letters from 22,000 people. And she has been commissioned by Oolipo to write ‘Jellybone’, an original novel-length work which will be published in ten subscription-based episodes, utilising the smartphone’s powerful range of media attributes along with notifications, geolocative elements, and the ability for readers to share and comment upon all parts of the story.

In this fascinating and valuable masterclass Kate will reflect on the writing process involved in this commercial iteration of her digital writing practice and how it contrasts with the process of writing a ‘traditional’ novel.  The session will also talk about the notion of the ‘unprintable book’ and how writers need to innovate in order to ensure literature carves out a space in a world saturated with vibrant visual media.

Duration: 90 mins

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