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When you sit down to start an essay or part of your memoir, do you let your ‘pen’ go where it wants and hope for subconscious leaps of language and imagination, or do you start with a fair idea of what you will write about and work through that? Later on, when you have a working draft, do you refine it towards something you know you want to focus on, or do you encourage it to go to places you hadn’t thought of?

All writers develop their own working process from finding what works best. This workshop will help you notice and think about how your own writing styles and what mode to use in different situations. It will be useful to people who are tackling a big project like a memoir or trying essays for the first time.

The workshop will use the experiences of writers in the workshop and some short on-the-spot experiments to explore the strengths of a ‘top down’ or planned writing process and a ‘bottom up’ or write-it-and-see writing process. In particular we’ll look at how each of these methods of writing might be useful at different stages in a memoir or essay project.

Facilitated by Lynn Jenner

Saturday 22 September, 3:30pm

Limit of 40 participants.

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