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Narrative design and structure are among the most complex and crucial issues a writer faces in the development of a novel manuscript. How do you organize the beats/story steps, what are the role of turning points, what are the action line and relationship line? Or the vertical and horizontal axis, and how are they critical in forming a story’s shape and flow, its rises and falls, and nuances and meaning? In this intensive session we will discuss design questions and issues you are confronting, such as the inciting incident, character and plot arcs, first and second act turning points, and meta-structural concepts such as the various phases: establishment, development, and resolution and denouement, and a number of common and complex story shapes.

The session will be designed around real-world problems you are facing in your manuscript.

Facilitated by James George

Sunday 23 September, 10:30am

Limited to 15 places – writers will highlight their issues in advance of the session.  Those who book for the masterclass will receive an email with the actions they need to do before the NWF.

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